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Airus Movers is a reliable and professional moving company in Seattle WA. We specialize in Local Moving, Long distance Moving, Office Moving, and more. 

Moving to a new place is always exciting, but the relocation process can be overwhelming. Whether moving short or long distances, detailed planning and significant physical effort are necessary. As you prepare to move to Seattle, WA, the knowledgeable team at Airus Movers LLC is at your service. The moving experts at Airus Movers LLC will provide you with complete moving services. We have the most qualified and trained team to take care of your move.

Home Moving Experts

The joy of receiving the keys to your new home is incomparable. However, moving all your belongings takes a lot of work and requires effort. Airus Movers is dedicated to safely transferring your most precious possessions to your new home.

Here’s why we stand out as the optimal choice:

  • We maintain and clean all of our moving trucks regularly.
  • Our movers are trained enough to handle all types of complex moves.
  • Punctuality is one of our most important things; our team of moving experts arrives on time and ready to begin the moving process.
  • Our team has all the necessary supplies to simplify the packing phase.
  • We are proud of our customer service team. 
  • Affordable prices it is us!

Whether it’s a few boxes or several truckloads, we are the ideal moving company in Seattle for your needs. Every task is manageable for our expert moving team. From our arrival to when we unpack the final box, you can trust us to make the entire moving process seamless.

Office Moving Specialist


Given the complexity involved, the prospect of an office move is often daunting for many businesses. With expensive office equipment and supplies that must be protected from damage, trying to move on your own becomes very difficult. This is where Airus Movers comes into play.

We are the leading experts in office moving. Our dedicated movers pay attention to every detail and treat your belongings as if they were our own. Contact us and explore why numerous companies trust Airus Movers for their office moving needs.

Loading and Unloading Assistance

Sometimes, the need arises for additional assistance when loading or unloading heavy objects. Improper lifting of heavy parts can cause injury. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, delegate this task to our professional moving team.

Whether you need help packing your belongings before moving or cleaning a storage unit. Our dynamic team is well-versed in applying the proper techniques to ensure the safety of everyone involved and the protection of your belongings. When you hire us, you don’t have to lift a finger.

Premium Packing Services

Packing your belongings may not be as enjoyable as you wish, and many consider relocation the most challenging aspect. Furthermore, once you complete the packing, the unpacking process awaits you. To simplify your life, Airus Movers LLC offers top-notch packing services.

Temporary Storage Solutions

Whether you have a few weeks before moving into your new residence or need a temporary storage facility, Airus Movers has the ideal solution. Our company offers enclosed storage facilities for short- and long-term rental options. Regardless of the volume of items you wish to store, we have ample space available. What’s more, you can retrieve your items whenever it suits you.

Seattle’s Premier Moving Company

At Airus Movers the best moving company in Seattle, we aim to make the moving process pleasant. For over a decade, we’ve helped numerous clients move to and from Seattle, and we have plans to continue. Contact us to book our moving team before your relocation process begins.

Why relocate to Seattle?

With a population exceeding 800,000 within its city limits, Seattle stands out as a highly desirable destination for professionals and families. The continued influx of people choosing to move to this vibrant city each year indicates a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Seattle’s fame is well-earned thanks to its abundant high-paying job opportunities and attractions that make residents reluctant to leave once they’ve settled.

The city’s job market is thriving and is home to the headquarters of large corporations such as Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Boeing. This dynamic environment offers diverse employment opportunities, particularly in the technology industry. Seattle has one of the country’s lowest unemployment rates, and the continued growth of new businesses in the area contributes to its economic vitality.

Moving can be a daunting task, but with Airus Movers the best-moving company in Seattle, the experience becomes a positive and memorable one. By prioritizing reputation, offering comprehensive services, maintaining transparent pricing, being licensed and insured, and possessing local knowledge, this standout moving company sets the standard for excellence in the Seattle area. When choosing a moving partner, look for these qualities to make your relocation journey as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote for moving, please do not hesitate to contact us at 206-717-7177.


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