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Local Moving Costs

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Affordable Local Movers

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* We do not offer multiple discounts but 5% cash discount is always on top.

Travel fee charges may apply depending on the travel distance. We accept payments in cash and most credit/debit cards. We do not accept checks.

You will receive a cost estimate before services are provided if you provide detailed information about your moving needs. We encourage you to fill out a request form.

If you would like to get a quote for long distance moves (over 55 miles from Federal Way, Bellevue or Gig Harbor) within the state of Washington, please provide as much information as possible by using the request form, or email us at request form, or email us at

Minimum weight of shipment is 500 pounds and maximum weight of shipment is 4000 pounds. Price depends on the distance and weight: from $0.34 per pound to $0.61 per pound.

Estimated Time of Completion for Local Moves & Moving Company Prices

Studio | 1 Bedroom | Apartment

2-3 hours

Large 1 Bedroom | Small 2 Bedroom Apartment

3-4 hours

2 Bedroom Apartment | House

4+ hours

3 Bedroom Apartment | House

5-7 hours

Local Moving Company

One of the essential aspects that clients consider when choosing a company for freight transportation and the organization of turnkey moving is the price policy. Our company understands the importance of transparency, honesty, and adequacy of prices. Therefore we provide a detailed price list of our services.

We provide reliable and safe local service for you and your belongings

We protect our clients from unnecessary worries as much as possible by providing a comprehensive approach to the preparation and realization of the move. Our workers carefully plan every step, including disassembling furniture, packing parts, moving things, etc. The cost of our careful and responsible movers fully justifies itself. It is worth noting that the cost of the service depends on several factors, including:

  • Cargo size or move volume (we offer a variety of vehicle options to ensure the best solution for your cargo. Minimum cargo weight is 500 pounds, and maximum cargo weight is 4,000 pounds);
  • Distance ($0.34 per pound to $0.61 per pound);
  • Additional services (if you have special requirements, such as packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, or electronics disassembly, we can provide you with these services. They can be included in the total price or have a separate cost that will be negotiated with you);
  • Date and time (if you need transportation or moving during a favored season or peak time, this may affect the price of our moving company. Early booking and flexibility in choosing a date can help reduce the cost).

What are the rates of price policy in Seattle?

You will receive a pre-service estimate if you provide detailed information about your moving needs. Fill out the brief on our website. We understand that each item is essential to you, so we look forward to your call to help preserve its value. Our specialists are ready to help with all questions, so contact us.

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